Breaking Dawn Comic-Con Panel With Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner

The Breaking Dawn Cast Talks Wedding, the Birth Scene and Shows Off Some Sexy Footage at Comic-Con!

Twilight's principal cast of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner hit Comic-Con to talk part one of Breaking Dawn. Along with director Bill Condon, they addressed the film's most anticipated scenes, like Edward and Bella's wedding and their ensuing honeymoon, as well as the infamous vampire-human baby birthing scene.

In addition, we got to see a couple of scenes in the movie that are not in the book. One showed Jacob talking to Carlisle and Esme about protecting Bella, and then having a confrontation with his own wolf pack, who see him as a traitor for helping the Cullens. The other scene we were shown got a ton of catcalls from the audience because it was a clip from Edward and Bella's honeymoon. In the sexy scene, Bella preps for a big milestone (brushing her teeth, shaving her legs . . .) and then meets her new husband on the beach in the moonlight — wearing nothing but a towel. The cast had lots of juicy tidbits to share about the film, and I've shared highlights from the panel below.

  • Kristen talked about what it was like to shoot the wedding scene, which she said she'd been "ramping up to shoot for four years" because she regarded it as the "most important part of the whole thing." She said it was "so beautiful" when she got on set and saw everyone in the pews, and was as nervous and terrified as she expected herself to be. However, she got into "wedding mode" when she put the dress on — but was locked away in a room to protect the dress and images of her in it, which required her to be under "Secret-Service-style crazy security."
  • On shooting the honeymoon in Brazil, Robert said the climate was amazing and beautiful on the first day, and then it started raining and turned into "hurricane storms." He said crappy weather made it feel like they were "having a honeymoon in England, playing board games, instead of making love on the beach."
  • Taylor said Jacob starts out as the same character we've always known at the beginning of Breaking Dawn Part 1, "then he gets his heart crushed." He said Jacob "becomes a totally different person, who is forced to mature and become his own man." Taylor said Jacob's journey was exciting to him and that he can't wait for the audience to see it too.

To find out more about the Breaking Dawn panel at Comic-Con, including what Kristen, Robert, and Taylor each think of the birthing scene, just read more.

  • So, about that birth scene. Rob said it was his favorite scene to shoot because Edward is so different than he usually is, describing him as "very frail and human" in the scene. He's "so aware of his own helplessness" and is desperate to help Bella. For her part, Kristen described the scene as "so cool" because it's not your typical birthing scene (the understatement of the year). "We go hardcore," she declared, mentioning the detail that Bella is choking on blood at one point, because she'd been drinking it.
  • Taylor couldn't say enough good things about the birthing scene and emphasized that all the credit goes to director Condon. The end product, he said, is "stunning" and "phenomenal."
  • Other tidbits about the final parts the cast revealed? Kristen mentioned that the vampire contacts "suck SO bad, because you can't see anyone," and Taylor talked about getting punched by Robert when Jacob imprints on his daughter.
  • Other cast members like Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, and Julia Jones joined the rest of the cast on stage for a few questions, and everyone talked about how much they'll miss hanging out together. Jones joked that you have to make a commitment to seeing each other, which includes "being in LA."

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