Breaking In 2011 Winter TCA Panel Quotes and Pictures Featuring Christian Slater and Odette Yustman

Christian Slater Heads Up the Breaking In Panel at the Winter TCA

I've seen lots of new faces so far at the Winter TCA, but a familiar face popped up on the tour for his brand-new show: Christian Slater! The actor is leading the ensemble of Breaking In, a quirky comedy from Fox about a high-tech security firm called Contra. Slater held court on stage with his costars and the showrunners, who talked about the show's group of geeky-but-chic characters.

  • What brings star Slater to the comedy series? The actor said he's a big fan of half-hour comedies and called himself a goofball. Meanwhile, he had lots of excitement about his character Oz, the security firm's leader. Though Oz is sort of a manipulative charmer, Slater described him as quirky and eccentric, someone who "likes to stir things up" and "knows what the outcomes will be right from the start."
  • Bret Harrison, who's also on V (but may be best known from Reaper), plays one of the geekier members of the Contra team, but he sounds like he's also the most brilliant: Harrison says he's "like a young Mark Zuckerberg."
  • Odette Yustman (fun fact: she appeared in Kindergarten Cop when she was five) may be gorgeous, but her character Melanie is also very much a geek, but she assured everyone that she is definitely "the coolest geek." When asked if she felt that she had to prove that she can be funny, given how strikingly beautiful she is, Yustman said that she's just happy she's been given this opportunity, calling comedy "a passion of mine."
  • Need another reason to watch? The director, Seth Gordon Green, is also responsible for one of my favorite documentaries: The King of Kong. He definitely knows something about cool geeks!

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