The Avengers Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: Avengers Stars Edition

One of the best things about The Avengers is that we get to see a handful of our favorite movie stars all in one place. With A-day swiftly approaching, we thought we'd brush up on some of the superheroes' filmography. See if you can match each picture to the movie starring an Avenger!

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Name that Scarlett Johansson movie:
The Nanny Diaries
Match Point
Lost in Translation
Ghost World
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Name that Samuel L. Jackson movie:
Jackie Brown
Pulp Fiction
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Name that Robert Downey Jr. movie:
Iron Man 2
Charlie Bartlett
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Name that Mark Ruffalo movie:
13 Going on 30
The Kids Are All Right
Rumor Has It...
Just Like Heaven
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Name that Chris Evans movie:
Not Another Teen Movie
The Perfect Score
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
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