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Why Crystal the Monkey Is the Biggest Star of Animal Practice

The cast of NBC's Animal Practice includes Justin Kirk and JoAnna Garcia, but the charming actors were easily upstaged by their costar Crystal the monkey at the TCA panel for the new sitcom. As the cast chatted about the kooky series set in an animal hospital, it seemed like everyone wanted to talk about Crystal even though she wasn't there — until she showed up in the most dramatic fashion: riding on a mini ambulance! Find out about her grand entrance and why the cast treats her like she's the biggest star on Animal Practice.

  • By now, Crystal has a lot of credits under her belt, including The Hangover Part II and We Bought a Zoo, and her fame is not lost on Kirk, even though he's the (human) star of the show. He said, "She's just super cool. She's the most famous monkey in Hollywood, so you try to be cool around her."
  • Garcia gives credit to Crystal's professionalism: "She hits her mark, certainly better than I do."
  • Kym Whitley, who plays a nurse, is already feeling competitive, joking, "I put it in my contract not to be in scenes with her because she is a scene stealer!"
  • And just when we thought that Crystal was going to be a no-show to the panel, a loud siren blared from the side of the stage, and out she came, driving a miniature ambulance and wearing scrubs. It's the cutest thing to happen at TCA so far, and I can absolutely see why Whitley called Crystal a scene stealer.

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Lead actor Justin Kirk spoke to the crowd at Animal Practice's conference during NBC's 2012 Summer TCA tour.

Justin Kirk sat beside his Animal Practice onscreen love interest, Joanna Garcia.

Joanna Garcia plays a former flame who's family owns the animal practice where Kirk's character works.

Bobby Lee addressed the press during Animal Practice's TCA press conference.

Bobby Lee sat next to his costar Kym Whitley at the show's panel.

Crystal the monkey upstaged her costars when she came out atop a tiny ambulance at Animal Practice's panel.

Actress Betsy Sodaro joined her cast mates onstage.

Executive producer Scot Armstrong answered questions about Animal Practice.

Fellow executive producer Alessandro Tanaka was also on hand to answer questions for the press.

Another executive producer, Anthony Russo, spoke to the press.

Animal Practice will be on this Fall on NBC.
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