Angelina Jolie Talks About Salt at Comic-Con 2010-07-22 15:18:06

Angelina Gets Candid About Stunts, Firearms at Comic-Con

When it comes to star wattage at Comic-Con, it doesn't get much bigger than Angelina Jolie. Although her other half, Brad Pitt, couldn't make the conference, Jolie showed up to promote her new film Salt, which comes out tomorrow. It was one of my first panels of the day, and one that I was especially psyched about, so I couldn't have asked for a better star sighting. The minute Jolie took the stage in a black leather jacket, the flashbulbs went into a frenzy that didn't let up. She answered audience questions (not surprisingly, most of them were from male fans), and costar Liev Schreiber was also in attendance for some comic relief. Read on for what went down.

  • The panel started with a longer version of the Salt trailer that highlighted just how badass Jolie is in this movie. Most of it was footage I had seen previously, but there were a few extra stunts that really played up the fight scenes' wow factor. Director Phillip Noyce told the crowd that Jolie "wanted to do every stunt, and she did. No CGI in the movie, no stunt double, it's all her." As for Schreiber, he joked that he didn't do anything in the film. When a fan asked how he decides whether or not to turn stunts down, he teased, "How long am I going to sit with my foot in a bucket of ice? Am I going to bump my face in any way? Are my clothes going to get torn? There are a lot of factors that go into me deciding if I'm going to do a stunt."
  • As different fans took the microphone to ask their audience questions, it seemed that each one began with, "I just want to say, I think you're amazing . . ." Jolie was very gracious throughout, remarking how sweet the fanboys were. When asked why she with wanted to do the film, she said, "I love doing action, and I love doing dramatic films, and I've never really been able to combine them." Her character was a big draw, as well: "There's something a little off about her, and maybe there's something a little off about me," she said with a little smirk.
  • Yes, the real-life Russian spy saga from the news did come up at the panel; Liev joked that it's "one of the most impressive marketing schemes" he's ever seen.

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  • Jolie talked a little bit about her method acting, but she did run into problems with her stunts. She shared a story about getting injured doing one of the most "ridiculously easy" ones for the film involving rolling on the floor. Problem is, Jolie rolled right into a desk, leaving her with a little scar on her nose. But afterward, she had bigger concerns: "I couldn't hear everybody well, and I thought, 'Oh God, I've done it. I have a concussion.' But it turns out, I just still had my earplugs in, so I was fine."
  • When asked about what sort of firearms were used for the film, Jolie said, "I think I got to play around with just about everything, including a fire extinguisher in a way I'd never used it." Liev quipped back, "My favorite [firearm] was the Super Soaker."

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