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The "American Idol" Elimination: Who's Gone?

The "American Idol" Elimination: Who's Gone?

Well, we're through one elimination round on "American Idol," and so far I'm only batting .500. I picked two of the eliminated contestants correctly but missed the other two completely.

To see who's gone — and to find out how the rest of the Sugar Network did — read more


  • Paul Kim

  • Rudy Cardenas

  • Amy Krebs

  • Nicole Tranquillo

The only vaguely surprising elimination to me was Nicole's; I didn't hate her performance nearly as much as the judges did, though I didn't see her sticking around till the top 12 anyway. I thought people would kick off Nick instead of Rudy, but I'm not heartbroken that Rudy's gone.

For the record, two of my top 12 picks are already out. This might be a rough year for my snap judgments.

What about you? Any shockers? To see how Sugar folks did overall, check out the guys' ballot and the girls' ballot.


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