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Buzz Quiz: How Well Do You Know American Horror Story?

New FX series American Horror Story has had an incredibly successful first season, getting picked up for a second run and recently receiving a Golden Globe nomination for best drama series. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, the frightening plot, well-developed characters, and stunning mansion are all reasons why you should be watching. Fans of Lost will especially appreciate the part horror/part mystery theme, as well as the flashbacks, which uncover details of the past lives of the house's occupants. Devoted AHS fans can click through our season-one quiz to test your knowledge, and If you haven't completed the season — beware — this quiz contains spoilers.

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Which of the following is false about the Harmon family when they first move into the Murder House?
Vivien is pregnant
Ben is still in contact with Hayden
Vivien is recovering from a miscarriage
Violet loves the house immediately
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How did Larry receive the burns that scar over half of his body?
The house urged Larry to burn his house down with his family inside
Tate lit Larry on fire while Larry was at work
Larry burned himself attempting to rescue his family from a fire
Larry tried to commit suicide by lighting himself on fire
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What issue does Violet have with her father?
He is unfaithful to her mother
He isn't around when the family needs him
He doesn't like Tate
All of the above
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Who is the man in the black rubber suit?
Charles Montgomery
The demon in the basement
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What does the demon twin look like?
A scary, Frankenstein baby
A perfectly healthy, normal baby boy
Like the infantata in the basement with sharp teeth and claws
None of the above
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What type of work did Charles Montgomery do in his lifetime?
He was the architect of the mansion
He was a prominent doctor to the stars
He performed abortions on pregnant actresses
He attempted to create a Frankenstein
All of the above
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True or false: Vivien has an affair with Luke.
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How does Violet die?
Tate convinces her to overdose on pills with him, like Romeo and Juliet
Tate drowns her in the bathtub.
She overdoses on pills and dies crying in Tate's arms
The infantata in the basement kills her
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How many people have died in the mansion that we know of?
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What is Ben Harmon delusional about throughout the season?
His wife's infidelity
His daughter's death
The maid's true age
His wife being raped
All of the above
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How does Ben ultimately die?
He shoots himself
He hangs himself
His wife and daughter kill him
Hayden kills him
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Why does Constance want baby Michael so badly?
He's her grandson
He gives her a chance to start afresh
He will be powerful
All of the above
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Who is in the black rubber suit in the finale?
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What is the sex of Vivien and Ben's baby?
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What is on Michael's face?
Red paint
Nail polish
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