"America's Next Top Model" Rundown: "The Models Go Green"

"America's Next Top Model" Rundown: "The Models Go Green"

On this week's "America's Next Top Model" we learned that this cycle, the show is going green...ish. Well, at least they'll be tooling around LA in a car running on biodiesel, the house is full of plants/recycled materials and the girls will be forced to take short, timed showers. To conserve water! Oh...and they're not allowed to smoke cigarettes...? Talk about one version of hell: living in a house of aspiring models who are forced to quit smoking. Well, that's one way to up the ratings with testy catfights!

This week the girls had to pretend to be super excited about a shopping spree at Old Navy (and put together a totally personalized outfit from the store's fabulous staples!) in addition to getting down to business with their photoshoot. The ridiculously preachy and heavy-handed theme of the shoot was the effects of smoking cigarettes. Seriously. The girls had to pose two ways: glamorous smoking and, in the mirror, ghastly from the side effects. Did you get the message? Smoking is BAD FOR YOU.

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First of all, the Bianca vs. Lisa fight was classic "ANTM" material. It barely made sense and will hopefully carry over for many episodes. Also, did it seem a little, um, planned that Heather, the model with the disorder that affects her social interactions, was chosen to be in the only picture with multiple girls in it?

Saleisha won the Old Navy outfit picking contest, winning her a shopping spree and a modeling job in an Old Navy ad. The ad seems like a huge, nice surprise by "ANTM" standards — surprised they didn't stress it like a million times beforehand.

As for the photos, I kind of hated all of them, but if I had to choose a favorite it would probably be Ambreal. The bottom two were Ebony and Mila, and Mila got the boot. I kinda liked Miss Mila, but it's too early in the game to get attached to any of them.

How about you? Early favorites? Do you think the right girl got the boot? How do you feel about the show's efforts to go green? And the smoking ban? Do tell and check out Team's ANTM group for all sort more dishing on the season.





















Photos courtesy of the CW