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America's Next Top Model Quiz: "Good Times & Windmills"

America's Next Top Model Quiz: "Good Times & Windmills"

Last night's photo shoot on America's Next Top Model made me laugh because although I'm used to Tyra and Co.'s idea of what is "high fashion" and what counts as "fierce," the more I stare at these photos, the funnier they get.

I mean, there are windmills. And pitchforks. And they're in clogs! It's hilariously literal for a shoot in Amsterdam, no? Anyway, it's all part of why I love this silly show so much. In addition to the pictures, we also got to see the girls hanging out and drinking in their loft for once! Is it just me, or has this cycle been sadly devoid of shenanigans?

Anyway, we'll talk about it more in the comments. You can check out the rest of the photos from the show here, but first, take my quiz!

Photos courtesy of The CW


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