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"America's Next Top Model": Overwhelmed Down Under

"America's Next Top Model": Overwhelmed Down Under

One of my favorite moments from last night's "America's Next Top Model" — and there were many — was when Jael, conducting a model-on-the-street interview while wearing a tutu over jeans, declared: "I think I'm good at talking to other human beings."

I find this funny, because the first time I saw Jael, I actually thought: "Wow, she has such a bizarre way of interacting with other human beings." Sort of like she might be an alien doing her best approximation of a person.

Needless to say, Jael didn't shine in this week's challenge, which had the girls traveling to Sydney and learning the ropes of commercial acting and being on video. This involved not only talking to other human beings but also using Australian slang and, as if that weren't horrifying enough, Australian accents. I understand that top models need to be well-spoken, but I can't imagine that "the ability to speak in a bad Aussie accent" is something any of them really need to add to the ol' resume.

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So not surprisingly, Jael got kicked off, and Britney joined her in the bottom two. I felt bad about Brit's whole car-accident short-term memory loss thing, but she was really remembering her lines perfectly fine, and if she had just stopped crying, she would have pulled the commercial off quite well. That girl needs to chill out, or she's going home next.

My prediction: Renee will win it all. She takes great photos, and she's well-spoken. A close second, I think, is Jaslene, but she seriously needs to learn to enunciate. What do you guys think?













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