"America's Next Top Model" Ladies Look Like Dudes

"America's Next Top Model" Ladies Look Like Dudes

Drag queens are just so much more fun than a bunch of women dressed as dudes, as last night's episode of "America's Next Top Model" proved. After all, men dressing as women get to play with lots of flamboyant makeup and wigs, but skinny girls doing the opposite have little to work with beyond painted-on facial hair and an inability to fill out a suit. I mean, this photo of Tyra is cool-looking, but she's obviously a woman, not a sharp-dressed man. (Who did you think made the best dude?)

Between that and the Sears clothing challenge, I thought last night's show left a lot to be desired in terms of competition. But it did provide plenty of priceless moments with Natasha, the resident Russian mail-order bride/Angelina Jolie lookalike. For more details and to see a gallery of photos from the shoot, read more

The judges were so spot-on when they compared Natasha to a car salesman. I mean, this girl's talent for spin is going to get her far in life, whether she's talking up the stylistic merits of a totally skanky outfit or justifying her inability to spell. Meanwhile, Dionne got some somewhat backhanded redemption: She showed she's not totally incompetent when it comes to putting together clothes, but then the ensemble she put together for Sarah helped Sarah, not Dionne, win the challenge.

I was sad to see Diana go, but her photo was definitely the worst, and she looks so much better off-camera than in photos. Check out the gallery below and tell me what you thought of last night's episode.











Photos courtesy of The CW


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