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15 Times Alcide Made True Blood Totally Worth Watching

Jul 7 2014 - 8:19am

Have you watched this week's True Blood [1]? If the answer is yes, please proceed. Alcide Herveaux, aka that sexy beast of a werewolf played by Joe Manganiello, has passed. In the second major death of the final season (following Tara's untimely killing), Alcide is shot in the head while trying to track down Sookie in the forest. It's heartbreaking, I know. We've had to say goodbye to a lot of True Blood characters [2], but i's especially hard to say goodbye Alcide, because, let's be real, things get interesting when he enters the picture in season three. Before you get too sad, let's remember the good times with Alcide's sexiest GIFs.

When He RIPS HIS SHIRT OFF in a Were-Rage

He probably got it at Target, though, right?

When He Tells Off Martha . . . Shirtless

Get outta here, Martha.

When He Transforms Into a Werewolf

I cannot believe Sookie turns around for this. What kind of person does that?

When He Folds His Arms All Sexy Like

Alcide = not impressed [3].

When He Breathes . . . While Shirtless

That is all.

When He Breathes More . . . While Shirtless

Shirts are dumb, anyway.

When He Walks to Bed Completely Naked

No one ever needs pants, either.

When He Has a Moment With Sookie

The jealousy has begun.

When He Repositions Himself for Sexy Time

Oh, heck yes.

When He Does This Supercute Eyebrow Raise

Ugh, so playful.

When He Is Completely Naked in the Forest

I cannot with this GIF.

When He Wakes Up in Sookie's Bed

That Alcide, what a jokester!

When He Makes This Face

Is this GIF legal for the Internet?

When He Comforts Sookie, and It's Magic

MAGIC, I say.

When He Makes This Amazing Face . . . While Shirtless


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