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2008 Movie Quote Quiz: Part One

There were some awesome, thrilling and funny movies this year — how well do you remember them? In place of a Buzz Brainteaser today, see if you can match these quotes with the correct movie titles. And stay tuned for Part Two coming tomorrow, New Year's Eve!

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"I never wash my pants. I like to keep the night on them."
Baby Mama
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
Get Smart
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
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"You know what? I wish I was at an Arby's 'cause there's better food and cooler people there!"
Tropic Thunder
Baby Mama
Four Christmases
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"You've been called the Da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?"
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
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"Some love stories aren't epic novels. Some are short stories. . . but that doesn't make them any less filled with love."
The Sex and the City Movie
Mamma Mia!
The Women
The Love Guru
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"I killed one. . . the thing I love most in the world."
Max Payne
Tropic Thunder
The Incredible Hulk
TV Quote Quiz 2008-12-12 15:45:11
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